5 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Web Agency

If you are considering working with a digital marketing web agency, you may be experiencing lack of resources, knowledge, or staff in your marketing needs. Although there can be downsides to hiring an agency, the benefits are substantial if done strategically and effectively.

As a manager that hired marketing agencies to becoming a web agency-owner myself, I will share what I have learned from seeing both sides and 5 benefits you can expect to see when hiring a digital marketing web agency.

1. The Power to Scale

The ability to quickly adjust your effort to equally impact your results has always been one of the greatest advantages of hiring an outside party. When it comes to digital marketing, this effect is amplified because of the range of tools, services, and technology you will be faced with in the digital world.

Did your e-commerce website get hacked? Dealing with a social media crisis? Need to rapidly launch a new website? Have to shift to a virtual event last-minute? Putting together a campaign or project without enough personnel to execute? These are just some of the situations I have been in before or was hired to help resolve.

By having the strength of a web agency in your corner, you will be more prepared to handle a variety of digital marketing situations and increase/decrease rapidly when needed.

2. Efficiency of Hiring

Hiring a web agency provides immediate relief and support. You avoid the slowdowns and costs of a typical hiring process to build up an internal staff. And this goes both ways: immediate downsizing can be very beneficial in situations.

Additionally, web agencies are typically built to scale themselves if project scope expands. Instead of being handcuffed by the standard hiring process, simply increasing resources into an agency allows the work to continue uninterrupted. By delegating your tasks of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training, you can save on HR costs and time.

3. Flexibility, Versatility, and Adaptability

Agencies can bend— without breaking (mostly), wear many hats (with industry-standard competence), and work through many different situations. One of my favorite aspects of running a web agency is being able to do a few things well in many different ways. What that means is we are multi-faceted in how we serve our clients, but it is all in the realm of our expertise in running digital campaigns, growing brands, developing websites, etc.

You benefit the most from this because it allows you to be supported when things do not go according to plan, and being two years into the COVID pandemic, I am sure anyone can relate to the benefit this provides.

Having partners you can depend on when things change will bring confidence to your ability to pivot and shift, especially in times of uncertainty. Agencies can be equipped to provide around-the-clock support to put out fires, consult you through difficult decisions, and even adjust themselves to better serve you and your mission.

4. Simpler Accountability

Measurement is key to success. Defining the value, and ensuring the value is being delivered, is a core element to a client-agency relationship. Agencies must deliver on results, and if the results are not meeting client expectations then the relationship will not, and should not, last very long. This is why deliverables are closely, and regularly, accounted for.

With agencies, you have the benefit of being more objective than you would with an internal employee. No probation/trial periods. No performance evaluations. No goal-setting. Just straightforward expectation of work to be delivered at a high level. And you get to more simply take action on those deliverables without subjective considerations. Of course, building relationship is a natural part of the collaborative process, but it should not justify results below expectations.

5. Peace of Mind

Finally, the most valuable agencies will feel invaluable. Bringing you peace of mind is not something easily measurable, but knowing the tasks you are not an expert in are being taken care of reliably and with high quality allows you to focus on the priorities that you are an expert in. This leads you to optimal productivity and effectiveness towards your mission.

Less management, more results. Less stress, more confidence.

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Knowing the benefits can help you understand what to look for when hiring a digital marketing web agency. Here at Embark, we always strive to deliver on these 5 benefits.

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