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Crafting brands
that connect and inspire.

People sit around a table.

Building brands to build relationships.

A good brand connects with people on a relational level, so we focus on ensuring your brand speaks to your audience through storytelling and inspiring design.

Branding with Embark.

Great brands take time, care, and belief to create. We help you uncover your brand through a series of exercises, exploring concepts, and creating marketing assets.

Strategic Discovery

Our first step is to spend personalized time with you to study everything about your organization and hear your story. We help you solidify brand potential and direction. Be more confident with the end result.

Brand Identity

We dive deep and look holistically at your logo, colors, typography, style, and voice to construct a personality that speaks emotionally to your audience. You get a brand that's appealing, relatable, and personal.

Brand Guide and Assets

We dive deep and look holistically at your logo, colors, typography, style, and voice to construct a brand identity that speaks emotionally to your audience. You get a brand that's beautiful, relatable, and personal.


The best results come from working together. We have a partnership mindset, keeping you closely involved in our process while becoming invested in your mission. Be more confident with the end result.

Two people sitting and brainstorming.
A colorful design of office supplies on a screenshot in an indoor setting.
A person sits at a table with a laptop.
HEXAGEN technology uses a petrolatum-based suspension to fuse liquid and off, and incorporates biocidal ingredients to protect against known disease-causing organisms with no documented resistance.
A vibrant font and logo, combined with creative graphics and typography, create an eye-catching design for the HEXAGEN logo.
This image is showing a prescription for a medication called Hexagen, which is available both by prescription and over-the-counter.
This image is providing instructions for how to use the Hexagen logo, including the recommended font, text size, color, and tint.

Our approach.

A brand includes many elements to create a complete identity. We breakdown the process by starting with the basics and building on from there.

01 Discovery

→ Brand Identity Survey
→ Target Audience
→ Market Research
→ Project Timelines

02 Strategy

→ Mood Board
→ Logo
→ Colors
→ Typography

03 Design

→ Stylescapes

→ Style Guide

04 Build

→ Brand Launch
→ Digital Assets
→ Print Assets

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FAQ on brand services.

Partnering with an agency provides you with more peace of mind, more range of services, and more reliability. If your project is mission-critical, has tight deadlines, or requires a large scope of services, then you’ll want to rely on an agency to deliver.

And working with a boutique-sized agency like ours matches the personalized touch of a freelancer while still having the power of a full-service team at your disposal.

The cost for a branding project can vary greatly depending on your requirements. A full brand guide with logos, colors, typography, messaging, and stylescapes can range from $3,500 – $20,000.

To get a more accurate estimate, schedule a consult with us so we can learn about your needs.

A logo is just one element to your overall brand. While they go hand in hand, working only on your logo will lead to an incomplete brand experience.

However, there are certain circumstances that make sense to focus only on the logo. We can do isolated logo design work, but we recommend a consult to ensure that’s the best strategy for you.

You may send your RFP to [email protected].

However, before bidding on an RFP we typically involve an initial conversation to determine fit. Schedule a call with us to discuss your project.

We put a lot of effort into understanding your organization, goals, and project needs. From there, we lean on our tried-and-true systems as the foundation and tweak it to make it custom-tailored to you.

Overall we rely on over-communicating, setting clear expectations, and being flexible to get the job done.

As with costs, timelines can also vary greatly. Generally, we see most branding projects taking between four to eight weeks.

That said, we’ve put together a brand from scratch in just one week and spent over six months designing another. We can typically estimate your timeline accurately once we learn more about the project.

Once the project is completed, we transfer over all copyrights to you and deliver the brand files and assets.

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