Meet the Team: Carolina


I am Carolina Molina, Embark’s Marketing Manager! Here at Embark my job is pretty much divided into three buckets: digital strategy, team management and content producing! These responsibilities allow for my job to be a great balance between strategy, logistics and creativity. 

Simply put, my role begins with assessing the most optimal digital tactic and channels to help our clients meet their goals through a digital strategy, producing personalized, high-converting marketing messages and content for a specific target audience, and assembling and managing a team of creatives to execute the marketing plan.

What motivates you?

Gallup’s survey, a strengths finder, defines my top strengths as: relator, belief, responsibility, achiever, and competition. From these 5 strengths I associate myself most with belief and responsibility as my faith and duty to God are the force behind everything I do in my life.

With God as my sole motivator, I see myself as a unique collaborator in His masterfully created plan for me, those around me, and the history of salvation.  

What intrigues you most about digital marketing?

The psychological principles behind digital marketing – effective marketing aims to appeal to the emotion of the consumer, and if the emotion is strong enough it will result in a conversion! 

It is truly fascinating how we are moved by emotion every time we watch an effective video ad, or we buy into the latest product. Think about it next time you feel swayed to buy something online! What is the emotion that the ad is generating in you? It is amazing!

Why work for a small agency like Embark?

My experience working with large networks has helped me appreciate the uniqueness of working at a small agency like Embark. 

Every person is a valuable asset that is crucial to the overall efficiency of the operation. Teamwork is no longer encouraged but it becomes necessary – as only through collaboration can all the pieces come together to make magic happen. With this spirit of fraternity and humility, it is easy to grow together and feel like family.

From my short experience with a smaller agency, I appreciate that Embark stands by its values. The mission statement no longer becomes a nice-to-have page on the website, but a daily reminder of the values that each member must strive for. 

Favorite movie/TV show

The Office! 

Favorite book

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl and The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn.

People/figures that inspire you

Jesus, Mother Teresa and my wonderful parents.

"With God as my sole motivator, I see myself as a unique collaborator in His masterfully created plan for me, those around me, and the history of salvation.  "

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