Meet the Team: Conoon

Hey there!

I’m Conoon (pronounced like “Conan”) and I’m the founder of Embark. As the team lead, my primary responsibility is to support the team and our clients. I do that by putting together strategic plans, overseeing projects and tasks, providing tools and resources, and optimizing workflows.

Most of my strengths are within strategy and execution, but it’s all centered on building meaningful relationships. This leads to work that we’re impassioned about and allows us to be creative and open to how, and what, we deliver to meet the client needs.

What motivates you?

The greatest drives of motivation are intrinsic. While money and success are always rewarding, my greatest motivator has been my vocation to marriage and family. My life, and how I used to live, before marriage looks unrecognizable now. Pursuing my wife was a challenge on its own, but the challenge of leading her towards Christ through a lifelong commitment, while also raising children, is daunting. And that level of difficulty excites me.

Finally, a deep sense of purpose is what wakes me up to do everything with joy, gratitude, energy, intentionality, and love. That purpose is only deep because ironically it came from something greater than myself: God. But only by knowing and accepting that purpose through my own free will did it become intrinsically motivating. Now, everything I do is expressed through my fervent drive to better myself, my partner, and my children for God.

What intrigues you most about digital marketing?

Well, there’s the digital piece and the marketing piece. With digital, it’s always been something, since a very early age, that’s allowed my curiosity to venture endlessly. A virtual environment isn’t just a free space to express my creativity, but a way for me to powerfully connect with individuals to elevate the real-world experience.

With marketing, this aligns with my mission to evangelize and spread the gospel as Jesus did. To me, marketing has always been about creating relationships. Marketing is a mighty tool that can be carefully used to engage and influence, but also has the capability to manipulate and control. So what intrigues me is how we can effectively use marketing as a tool for the greater good without sacrificing our morality.

Why run a small agency like Embark?

Having worked as a freelancer and employee in the past, there’s something uniquely attractive about running a small team. I see each team member as an integral part of the work and how we serve our clients. The level of collaboration is very tight and creates a family-like environment. I also love creating the biggest of impacts with the ‘smallest’ of actions, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Just as my vocation now has been to serve my own household, I enjoy the many similarities in my work because of the focus I can bring to our smaller agency structure.

What do you do in your free time?

I see every minute as ‘free’ time since none of this is truly ours! But when I’m not working or spending time with family, I’ve been very dedicated on conquering as many of my daily goals as possible: exercising (running or strength training), journaling, praying, meditating, and reading. Spoiler alert: I fail every day.

Favorite movie/TV show

Schindler’s List. Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors, and he plays the role perfectly. In the end, he learned he’s saved over 1,000 Jews, but could only feel guilt for not doing more when he could’ve sold the jewelry he was wearing. This example of love is what I aspire to.

Favorite book

Honestly, it’s whatever book I’m currently reading. I do a lot of research before choosing a book, so it naturally becomes my favorite as I’m reading and learning. Right now, I’m finishing up 12 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson.

People/figures that inspire you

Too many to list, but a few off the top of my mind: St. Thomas Aquinas, Dave Ramsey, David Goggins, Ray Lewis, my mom, and finally my wife Suzy.

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