Meet the Team: Melissa


My name is Melissa Antonides and I work as Embark’s Digital Coordinator! My job is comprised of many different tasks, not limited to copywriting, content creation and coordination, graphic design, and video editing. My responsibilities require both creativity and organization –– two tasks that generally sum up my personality.

My role is a sort of in-between of “keep things organized” and “think outside the box.” From a young age, my mind has always functioned best when things are well organized and planned out, but at the same time, I thrive when challenged to do things in a new or different way than what has generally been done in the past. I get to combine both of these approaches to the work I do everyday.

What motivates you?

A prayer I try to remember everyday is, “Lord, help me to remember that everything I do, I do for you and for your glory.” My first and most important motivation in life and in work is Christ. Without Him, nothing really matters. The clients I get to help support, the ways I see God working in my family, friends, and coworkers, and the lives I reach, both indirectly and directly, through the work I do, are all directed back to God.

Secondarily, I am motivated by a desire for excellence. While I realize that perfection is not completely attainable, and in fact, failure plays a vital role in the pursuit of excellence, I am constantly striving to do well in every aspect of my life. Constantly trying to improve in my role as a wife, coworker, Catholic, daughter, and sister is something that motivates me everyday.

What intrigues you most about digital marketing?

Digital media often comes with the connotation of being directly linked to social media. TikTok. Twitter. News. Gossip. Memes. Some good and some bad. However, what draws me the most to digital marketing is connection and the opportunity for sharing goodness and truth and beauty. The world is full of enough ugliness. My goal is to use digital media in a way that will ultimately lead people to see the goodness of God. Whether or not the work I do is religious at all, creating beautiful graphics, writing copy that captivates the soul in some small way, or simply sharing truth through various media channels, digital marketing provides me with the opportunity to reach wide audiences and share with them goodness, instead of garbage. My prayer is that my work might lead even just one person to recognize that this beauty and truth and goodness must come from somewhere. Ultimately, I hope that through my work, others may be led, even just one tiny step closer to Christ.

Why work for a small agency like Embark?

Working for a small agency like Embark is something I’ve always desired but didn’t realize was possible. I’ve often told people that my “dream job” combines my faith with my creativity. And I did work at this intersection of faith and media for a couple years in a more corporate-like setting. However, meetings with a dozen people, significantly less care for me as an employee, and a multitude of other factors led me to find Embark –– a work setting in which I feel I can be most myself. I have always thrived best in smaller group settings. One-on-one interactions are more my thing than speaking up in front of large groups. Embark allows me these things and also offers a more personal approach to work. I am a coworker and friend, not simply an employee. 

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy spending time outside (as much as I can living in Michigan) hiking, going on runs and walks, or just exploring. I also enjoy spending time with my husband, my family and my friends. As far as hobbies go, photography has always been my number one and I enjoy doing family portraits, senior photos and more.

Favorite movie/TV show

My favorite movie is About Time. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a must!

Favorite book

Anything C.S. Lewis! I’m currently tackling The Screwtape Letters.

People/figures that inspire you

Pope St. John Paul II, my parents.

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