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Helping you advance your mission.

Your nonprofit website has specific needs. We understand those needs because we’ve worked in nonprofit settings. Let us be your partners in mission.

Nonprofit sites with Embark.

Using our experience and knowledge from building nonprofit websites for over a decade, we prioritize functional design, goal-based planning, client-focused development, and detailed project management to achieve success.

Award-Winning Designs

The recognition of our websites represent our intentional design efforts. We focus on the essentials, balance aesthetics with function, and following industry-leading practices. You get a beautiful, custom design with equally effective functionality.

Strategic Planning

Every pixel created has purpose. To engage and convert on your goals, we look at your website holistically, from sitemap, content, call-to-actions, imagery, and even your 404 pages. Have confidence in meeting your website goals.

Wordpress Development

We love to empower our clients. By developing our sites on WordPress, you get access to a client-friendly content management system. Be able to manage your own website without technical knowledge.

Decades-Refined Process

Our project management approach is centered on the mindset that things don't always go according to plan. We are seasoned when it comes to project delays, change in scope/direction, restricted resources, and other wrenches. You get a project delivered as expected, on time.

This image is showing the resources and events offered by NFCYM (National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry) to equip and strengthen leaders to accompany young people in their faith.
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A vibrant houseplant in a flowerpot sits in a vase surrounded by art in a picture frame, brightening up the indoor space.

Examples of work.

As a nonprofit, we’re always trying to save money... and they’re affordable. Since the [website] launch, we’ve had a total of 48,000 new visitors. We’re currently at an 82% engagement rate throughout the different pages, whether they’re blog posts, basic ticket information, or clicks to our social media pages.
A smiling person with dark hair is captured in a portrait headshot, their lips and neck visible in the frame.
Natalie Ibarra
Communication Manager, NFCYM

Our approach.

Our nonprofit website projects involve five straightforward steps. By focusing on one step at a time, nothing falls through the cracks and there is clear expectation throughout the project.

01 Discovery

→ Client Onboarding
→ Goals and Strategies
→ Market Research
→ Project Timelines

02 Strategy

→ Website Messaging
→ Sitemapping
→ Menu Navigation
→ Copywriting

03 Design

→ Branding
→ Mood Boards
→ Wireframes
→ Design Mockups

04 Build

→ Staging Environment
→ Testing and Revisions
→ Beta Launch

05 Launch

→ QA Testing
→ UX/UI Polishing
→ Training and Handoff
→ Post-launch Support

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FAQ on nonprofit website services.

Partnering with an agency provides you with more peace of mind, more range of services, and more reliability. If your project is mission-critical, has tight deadlines, or requires a large scope of services, then you’ll want to rely on an agency to deliver.

And working with a boutique-sized agency like ours matches the personalized touch of a freelancer while still having the power of a full-service team at your disposal.

The cost for a website project can vary greatly depending on your requirements. A simple site with a few pages can be $5,000 while a membership platform with thousands of accounts can cost $75,000+. For nonprofits, we take extra consideration to budgets and often times provide specialized discounts. We strive to provide industry-standard quality at reasonable cost to organizations that don’t prioritize profits.

To get an accurate estimate, schedule a consult with us so we can learn about your needs.

You may send your RFP to [email protected].

However, before bidding on an RFP we typically involve an initial conversation to determine fit. Schedule a call with us to discuss your project.

We put a lot of effort into understanding your organization, goals, and project needs. From there, we lean on our tried-and-true systems as the foundation and tweak it to make it custom-tailored to you.

Overall we rely on over-communicating, setting clear expectations, and being flexible to get the job done.

As with costs, timelines can also vary greatly. Generally, we see most website projects taking between four to six months.

That said, we’ve built a website in three days and spent over a year building another. So the biggest factors of timeline come from client preparedness with content and budgets.

Yes, we provide a complimentary 45-minute training session to teach you how to manage your website content independently.

For ongoing maintenance or content management support, we do provide optional packages to support your needs. Contact us for more information.

We believe in 100% client control. Once the project is completed, we transfer all website files and assets to your servers and control. You’ll never have to worry about being “locked out” of your website again.

Get your complimentary consult.

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