Our Work with Colorado Catholic Conference

Here at Embark, we love to sing praises about our clients. We’re like that proud parent that can’t stop talking about how great their kids are.

One project we finished recently is one that we’re particularly proud of because of the cause that our client represents. As you may know, our team loves babies, so when we had the opportunity to build a brand new website for the Colorado Catholic Conference (CCC), we went for it. 

According to their mission statement, “The Colorado Catholic Conference is the united voice of the Catholic bishops of Colorado and serves to uphold the dignity of human life and the common good in public policy.”

Much of their work revolves around educating the Catholic faithful in Colorado about legislation that will affect the right to life – particularly for the unborn. 

The legacy website for CCC was in need of a refreshed presentation, one that would reflect a more modern, approachable experience with the goal of improving engagement and raising awareness for issues impacting the citizens of Colorado. 

Our design approach involved asking several important questions. If a user only spent 10 seconds on the site, what would we want them to see or do? What opportunities do we have to create a more lean website experience? How do we want users to feel when interacting with the website?

After much collaboration with the CCC team, we curated a design that I would describe as a bold, yet essentialist approach that would address those pressing questions. A clean, simple navigation structure with a bold call to action leading into a dynamic hero background video sets the foundation for the key tagline of what CCC stands for – The United Voice of the Catholic Bishops of Colorado.

The first elements of the homepage set the tone for the rest of the website where we went for an easily navigable subpage structure to encourage longer onsite times. Our thinking was that the longer users remain engaged, the higher likelihood that they will become involved with the greater mission of CCC. 

You will see that the entire site provides for a familiar, yet surprising experience for users. 

The Launch

We launched the new CCC website on June 22, 2022 — the day before Roe v. Wade was overturned. Coincidence or design?

We truly believe that God’s hand was on this project because there will now be an opportunity for the CCC team to outreach to many more Catholic faithful in Colorado. 

Although our role was small, we were honored to take part in furthering the greater mission of CCC. We too believe in protecting the dignity of life, defending truth, and serving others faithfully.

"The Embark team was very flexible with changes in the Catholic Conference schedule and very accommodating of Conference ideas, while ensuring the project is excellent quality... Our new website and design enables us to expand our spheres of influence in our community and in public policy."

At Embark, our clients are family. So if you’re looking for an agency who does things differently, get in touch! We’d love to learn more about how we can serve you.

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