Promoting the largest Catholic youth event.

NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) is the premiere Catholic youth event on a national scale that gathers people from all across America for a life-changing encounter with Christ.


Strategy, Branding, Website, Social, Copywriting, Video, Advertising, Event Marketing


For the first time in its nearly 40-year history, NCYC transitioned to an annual event (previously biennial) starting in 2022. With limited time and the event being hosted in an entirely new city, NCYC needed support in bringing awareness to the west coast audience.


Only a month after NCYC 2021, we jumped straight into building brand awareness for NCYC 2022 and promoting the value of this one-of-a-kind Catholic youth experience.

Their new audience needed a fresh website filled with highlights and details of the event to inspire and encourage participation. The website set the stage for us to carry out a robust marketing campaign by leveraging weekly newsletters, advertising on social media, and releasing a series of video promos.

We were able to boost their overall traffic and engagement with 70% more users to the site and 340% increase in engagement time when compared to the previous period.

At the National Catholic Youth Conference, young people from around the nation are gathering to experience a faith-filled event with pastoral ministry leaders and parents of Catholic youth to encounter Christ in a groundbreaking way.

NCYC is providing an opportunity for young Catholics to experience Christ in a new and exciting way through the National Catholic Youth Conference 2023.

This image is showing information about the NCYC 2023 event, including the location, registration details, and tips for diocesan leaders organizing parish delegations.

A vibrant graphic, symbol, font, and design come together to create an eye-catching visual.

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Promoting the largest Catholic youth event.

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