Naked Prosthetics

Bringing compassion to a manufacturing website.

Naked Prosthetics manufactures durable, functional finger prostheses specifically for partial-hand amputation.


Strategy, Website Design & Development, Content, UX


Naked Prosthetics needed help improving their website experience to be easier for their distinct audiences and to align with their brand identity.


Beginning with a website diagnostics, we were able to prioritize the goals and form a strategic website plan for Naked Prosthetics. Together, we outlined a user journey that would encourage engagement for two separate audiences (medical professionals and device users). The sitemap and content was overhauled to meet the needs of the new strategy. For design, we relied on their stunning photography to invoke emotion and highlighted key messaging to make the user journey easy and straightforward.

The result became a simplified website with clear messaging and navigation. In addition, improved backend development setup a foundation for additional features to be rolled out in the future.


The image shows a layout of several printed brochure pages featuring content about a technical device, with images of a person and device close-ups.

The image shows a spread of web page designs displaying maps, prosthetic technology, and a person holding an object with a prosthetic hand.

Three smartphones displaying content about finger prostheses. Central phone shows a person using a prosthesis to cut wood. Insets detail product features and design.

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