The Embark Story

In early February of 2020, just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our company: Ark.

For two years, we served our clients by using digital tools to build them an online presence. Today, aside from natural growth in our capacity and scale, not much has changed (in a good way). We still hold the core values of our work to heart: family, learning, and helping others. We still pride ourselves in being flexible, adaptable, and creative. And finally, we still prioritize building relationships and trust in our mission for client satisfaction. That said, when Ark was founded, it was always meant be a vessel to do many creative things in the digital space. And now that we’re growing beyond client servicing, we’ve decided to finally choose a name that better represents us.

Enter: Embark. A new, yet familiar name. Having the word ‘ark’ in the new name was unintentional, but no coincidence. God has always been at the center of all that we do, so when this new word was revealed to me, I immediately understood its significance to our company, team, and work of our clients. It more suitably symbolizes our commitment to always moving forward with you on new adventures. And so ’embark’ defines the fundamental action we take together. Every project, campaign, or task has always been about beginning the journey together— allowing everything beyond to be more rooted and intentional.

Our hope is to be fearless in our pursuit to serve, to always challenge what’s said to be unattainable, and to ultimately have a passion to begin anew.

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