The Ultimate Superpower At Work

Having superpowers would allow us to easily rise above the stress and live a simpler yet heroic life! Imagine a workday in which you can speed through mundane tasks, use your super intellect to master every project, and compel every prospect to become your client! 

Well, there is a superpower that can level up not only your workday but your entire life. Spiderman has spider-like abilities, while Thor can summon and harness lightning – what about you? You have God’s Grace. As cheesy as that may sound, graces are divine powers that go beyond our human abilities and allow us to tap into God’s divinity. Here are just a few brief ways in which faith has elevated my work: 

Necessary Steps Toward a Greater Purpose

All my roles have always been discerned, prayed for, and given thanks for. This, in turn, gives me a sense of purpose in my career knowing that God has placed me in each position for fulfillment in his greater plan. It raises the constant question, “Holy Spirit, what do you want from me in this role? Give me your graces so that your will may be done.” Whether that is to acquire skills that I will need, to meet certain people, it is all part of God’s perfect plan for my life. Viewing my work through this lens brings my work into my prayer life and discernment and removes the anxiety and stress from what the present or future may bring!

Difficulties As a Means of Sanctification

That same spiritual lens allows us to transform any ordinary work or task into the extraordinary. As with everything in life, God can use even the smallest struggle or sacrifice to purify our souls. An example of this can be dealing with difficult clients or even coworkers. Praying for people and asking for wisdom in our interactions can be very sanctifying and beneficial for those involved. In ourselves, as we put our feelings aside and allow the Holy Spirit free-reign to use us, and in others as they see Christ in us through the way that we respond and handle tricky situations. 

By refusing to stay in the pettiness of conflict and instead elevating these situations and relationships to God, He will use you in extraordinary ways to impact those around you while transforming your heart in the process. 

Collaborating with Our All-Knowing God

It is human nature for us to be imperfect and not always know the answer but thankfully for us, God is perfect and all-knowing. In my experience, whenever I am faced with a problem or project I do not know how to deal with, I find great confidence in taking it to God for Him to enlighten and guide me. I find that the projects that are solved both intellectually and spiritually (in prayer) have the most creative solutions and successful outcomes.

Being a Good Steward

When we view our work as one of God’s many blessings we feel the responsibility to succeed in our role. For me, it keeps me responding to that blessing with good stewardship – whether that means pushing myself to excel in every project, being mindful of the people God places in my life, or even how I utilize my time. Simply put, my faith forces me to not take my job for granted and take it seriously.

To live out your work in faith takes a daily commitment to God but one that will transform your entire existence for the better. At Embark, we have this at the forefront of our mission when serving our clients and being stewards of their projects. We invite you to collaborate with us and let us together be enlightened by His grace and plan. Learn more about who we are, here.

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