McIntyre & St. Clair

Helping a small business reimagine their brand.

McIntyre & St. Clair is a strategic consulting agency that streamlines organizations to optimize efficiency and productivity.


Branding, Website Design & Development, Copywriting, Photography


McIntyre & St. Clair is operated by partners Janet McIntyre and Don St. Clair. They needed to refresh their outdated website and brand, with the goal of establishing credibility and showcasing their reputation.


The project began with a photoshoot to capture the partners in action. These would be used to better portray their style and personality for the website. Next we modernized and strengthened their brand by creating a simplified logo using neutral colors and relying on clean lines.

The new brand expressed the professional authority of a reputable firm while balancing the intimate touch of a personal advisor. The resulting website streamlined their broad range of services and communicated a partnership that leaders can trust.

Janet and Don are experienced advisors providing strategy, leadership coaching, and communication services to organizations of all sizes in various sectors to help them strengthen their people and places of work.

This image is promoting workshops, retreats, and training sessions to help diverse members of an organization work together more efficiently and drive breakthrough results.

This image is showcasing the work of Janet and Don, two partners at McIntyre & St. Clair, who have been working together for more than 15 years to bring insight, practicality, and effectiveness to strategy and implementation in nonprofit economic development organizations.

A bold font and intricate calligraphy combine with graphics and text to create a unique design by McIntyre & St. Clair.

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McIntyre & St. Clair
Helping a small business reimagine their brand.

Branding, Website Design & Development, Copywriting, Photography

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